Going Pro

This week I received a great new toy and like a kid on Christmas day had to go test it out. These little Go Pro cameras come in a few editions but I went with the HD Motorsports HERO. It comes with a neat suction pad attachment so you can stick it onto mirrors, walls and generally anything flat. Took me all of ten seconds to stick it to the inside windscreen of my car and I was off! It’s completely water proof so technically I could have put it on the roof but I wasn’t game for that yet. Can’t wait to take it for a swim when it warms up a bit! :)

I also got a wearable chest mount accessory to go with the Go Pro so I can use it on the move…. I’ve already earned  the new nick name “Inspector Gadget” walking around last night filming a friends band. People seem to not worry about the camera too much which is nice. I’ve already switched off the flashing LED and beep functions to make it less obtrusive.

Technically there’s been no major issues so far, a couple of concerns about the sensor in low light but at the cost point can’t complain too much. I’m a fan of the wide angle look from the lens but it would be cool if you could adjust it somehow (perhaps in a future model?). Time lapse seems to be the obvious use for it so far. Also as a presenter cam in well lit situations and for POV action video should be cool.

Check out this test video I made, music courtesy of StereoDan!

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